How to Make Toasted Cheese Sandwich?

How to Make Toasted Cheese Sandwich?

    When you are getting late for your office and want light weighted breakfast which easily to make with simple recipe sandwiches are one of the best option to go for which needs simple Ingredients like: Multigrain bread, cheese and butter with vegetable and meat of you choice and need just 5-10 minutes and a toaster to make toasted cheese sandwich or cheese grilled sandwich and pair it glass of milk or juice or any healthy drinks you prefer it morning breakfast.

    Ingredient Required For Toasted Cheese    Sandwich:-

    • 6-8 Sliced Cheddar Cheese or any kind of cheese you prefer.
    •  Multi-grain Bread
    •  4-6 ButterSlices to toast bread.

    Cheese grilled sandwiches are basically Classic American Sandwiches that have been around since 1920. It is a sandwich toasted with butter and filled with cheddar cheese but not to made with different kinds of Cheese.

     How To Make Toasted Cheese Sandwich:-

    Step 1:- Spread Butter on each side of bread.

    Step 2:- Toast the bread on each side of the bread where butter has been spread on medium heat.

    Step 3:- Add Slices of cheese on bread at least 2-4 slices for the enhancing taste.

    Step 4:- Flip the bread and toast until both sides of the bread become golden brown and cheese is melted.

    Step 5:- Serve the cheese grilled toast with a glass of juice or milk.

     Cheese Grilled Sandwich with Panini Press:-

    Step 1:- Spread butter on each side of bread, salted or unsalted butter of  your choice.

    Step 2:- Top the cheese on each slice of bread and some pepper too.

    Step 3:- Preheat the panini and put slices of bread and roast it from both sides for 2-5 minutes until it becomes golden brown.

    Step 4:- And Sandwich is ready to serve with juices and milk.

     Tips For Toasted Cheese Sandwich:-

    •  Bread : Use a fresh loaf of bread made with whole wheat or you can use homemade bread.
    •  Cheese : Use a cheese which can easily be melted when bread is grilled.
    •  Butter : Butter must be applied evenly to better toasted cheese sandwiches.
    •  Toasting : You can toast it on a pan or you can grill it on panini press.
    •  Seasoning : You can season it with oregano or chili flakes or black pepper.

    We love hot Sandwiches like crispy chicken sandwiches to Philly Cheesesteak but cheese grilled sandwiches are also one of our favorites which we can not resist eating. If you too like our recipe blog then subscribe to it for more such recipes in future.