Bagels are the favorite street food of New York people. What you might consider to be largely safe street food is practically admired in New York, people have strong emotions for best bagel and coffee new york. They consider that bagels managed to cut out every time of separation among religion, age, race, and status; everything can be tossed out when it comes to bagels and they find a good bagel is like finding Nirvana, any newcomer should nail down a decent list of city’s best bakeries.

    But What’s the story behind the bagel? Where did it come from? How it reached New York? You might think there is not much history behind bagels, but you are wrong it’s the huge story of how bagels reached New York and become the indigenous street food of New York.

    How Bagels Originated and Reach To America?

    The Origin of the Bagel is not known but seems to have some roots in Central Europe Somewhere around the 14th Century the Court of Poland mentioned ‘Obwazanek’ a ring-shaped, boiled bagel-like bread. But widely repeated traces of the origin of Bagels are found in Vienna in 1683. King of Poland John III Sobieski defended its territory from the Turkish Invasion. A local vendor wished to celebrate the victory so he fashioned his bread in the Stirrup [present-day German word Bagel ]. When in the 19th Century Jewish People migrated to United Nations they introduced this and started famous all around in United Nations mixed with their traditional food, which gained too much popularity in New York and gave a boost to American Bagel Industry in the late 20th Century.

    National Bagel Day:- Nowadays everything got its celebratory days and bagels are no different. February 9 is celebrated as National Bagel Day in the U.S. They believed that on this day, Bagels rain down from heaven filled with cream cheese. But unfortunately, that does not happen but most bakeries in New York offers a lot of discount to their customers to enjoy a bagel with their coffee and celebrate National Bagel Day.

    How Bagels are Made?

    According to Vogue, the art of Making the best bagel place near me New York and bagels are very difficult it is a blend of art and science. To master making bagels requires a lot of passion, which takes a year to study and months of trial and error. Bagel makers usually don’t share their recipe for making it but commonly it is made by cold-fermenting dough made up of various flour then making a ring-like shape boiling it and then baking it and enjoying it with a cup of coffee.