People in New York always say that pizza, bagels and coffee are great traditional pillars of New York people’s breakfast and you will find one of the Best Bagel and Coffee shops in New York. You must read out some fantastic variety of bagels with flavourful taste before buying a bagel to enhance your experience and if you have not tried a bagel yet, you are definitely missing something great so must try out some here. We will suggest various kinds that come in many flavours, shapes and sizes.

    Types of Bagels:- Bagels comes in wide ranges of flavours and size whether you want original with cream cheese or choco-chip ones for breakfast, lunch or dinner or of any kind, here are a plethora of types of bagel listed below:-

    Plain Bagels: Golden Plain bagels are authentic bagels, being plain they can go with any kind of toppings. The best part is the taste-soft and chewy whether you want to choose cream cheese or deli meat or you can top it with bananas and Nutella or you can simply toast it with butter in a cup.

    Cinnamon Raisin Bagels: It is not as versatile as a plain bagel, cinnamon raisin bagel comes with the perfect balance of sweetness of raisins and spiciness of cinnamon with crispiness and buttery. Raisins lend a stringy, chewy texture to the bagel and cinnamon elevates the flavour to a new level.

    Asiago Bagel: Asiago Bagels come with the two most favourite ingredients of people ie bread and cheese. Asiago Bagels combine bread with the saltiness and richness of the cheese. It is named after Asiago Plateau in Italy due to the Italian Cheese used to make these bagels specially produced in Asiago Plateau. The cheese is sprinkled over boiled bagels and put in the oven until they are baked and golden brown.

    New York Style Bagel: New York style is the classic one, known for its crispy exterior and chewy interior including components like poppy seeds, dried onion or garlic. New York style bagels are bigger and airer compared with other styles of Bagel and people usually never toast them.

    Montreal Style: Montreal-Style Bagels are differently prepared from other types of bagels. It is prepared in a wood-fired oven rather than a commonly used electric oven and the dough is prepared in honey-sweetened water before baking. The dough consists of flour, egg, malt and honey and contains components like Sesame seeds, Poppy seeds etc.

    Chocolate Bagels: Chocolate chip best Bagels place in New York the most loved bagels restaurant, especially among children. It has melted chocolate filling and tastes best when they are warm or roasted. Comes with various toppings like peanut butter, cream cheese, naked bananas, bacon etc.

    It is hard to resist the delicious taste of Bagels. Thanks to their wide range of varieties, every time you buy them you will definitely enjoy them. And If you tried any of the above-mentioned kinds, Do share your experience with us so that we can get you more insights about Bagels.