Hand Rolled, Kettle Boiled, Baked to Perfection!!!!‚Äč

Jump start your morning with our favorite breakfast

Coffee is a magical elixir!

From its aromatic aroma to its flavorful taste, it has the ability to invigorate and energize us. Whether you prefer black, white, hot or cold, there is something special about coffee that makes it so beloved by all. Its power to refresh and rejuvenate us can’t be overstated. Whenever you need a jolt of energy or a pick-me-up, a cup of coffee can provide just what you need. So take some time out of your day to enjoy the magic of coffee – you won’t regret it!

Our Salads are the Freshest and Most Flavorful Around!

"Indulge Your Taste Buds with Delicious Acai, Greek Yogurt, and Oatmeal Bowls!"

Taste the Legend: Indulge in Our Delicious Bagel Sandwiches!"

Our legendary bagel sandwich menu features a wide selection of options sure to please any palate. From classic combinations like the AB & J which features Almond Butter & Strawberry Jam , to tasty creations like the Nocacado which is created by with Lox, Onionss, Capers, Tomato, Lemon Juice and Avocado .

Whatever you decide you won’t be disappointed.